Virtual Consultations

We Have Online Video for Exams and Consultations!

We want to talk to you!  More importantly, we want to see you!  Dr. Sadowski is now offering online video consultations and follow-up examinations and with FaceTime or Zoom.  If you prefer this option, please let us know by phone or email.

How to Use This Service

Our staff is very happy to arrange an appointment for an online consultation.  Please let our staff know which platform (FaceTime or Zoom) you prefer.  In order to have a smooth meeting, we ask that you download the proper software ahead of time, and undergo a trial run with our Front Office Manager prior to your meeting with Dr. Sadowski.

Physical Limitations of This Service

Although advances in technology are incredibly helpful, they do not replace a physical exam or the ability to perform a procedure.  An in-person exam is necessary prior to any surgical procedure with Dr. Sadowski.  To provide the best care for our patients, we also ask that the first follow-up appointment after a surgery be conducted in person.

Technological Limitations of This Service

It is our goal to have a smooth and seamless meeting.  However, color, image clarity, sound, and the quality of generated images can differ between computers.  In order to have a successful consultation or exam, it is essential that you are somewhere private which has a high-speed data connection (e.g. 4G phone service or preferably high-speed broadband internet).  Due to outside forces beyond our control, Dr. Sadowski is not responsible for any technical problems that may occur due to bandwidth, or technical issues with the services themselves.  In the event of a technical problem, our staff will be happy to schedule you for an in-person visit.