Rowan D.

“I had surgery at Tufts today, my dr was Dr. Rita Sadowski. As a transgender man it is often hard to find undersranding, compassionate, and respectful care. Tufts and especially Dr. Sadowski far exceeded any expectations. I felt safe, I felt she was understanding of my situation and took time to explain fully what was needed for me and my surgery pre op.”


-Rowan D.- transgender FTM gynecomastia excision


Whitney M.

I just wanted to thank you again for my recent successful breast reduction. It has definitely improved my posture and you did a beautiful job shaping…Your kindness and confidence reassured me as I went into and completed my only surgery.

— Whitney M – bilateral reduction mammaplasty


M.F. suffered from drooping eyelids. Prior to surgery, the condition was so severe that it interfered with vision.

Dr. Sadowski is a bright young doctor with great surgical skill and people skills as well. I had eyelid surgery (my first plastic surgery) and I’d do it again in a flash! I can now wear my contact lenses and no longer have tiny slits for eyes by the end of the day! People keep saying I look great and asking if I was on vacation. I just smile and say to myself “Dr. Sadowski”!!

— M.F. – blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)


I would really like to acknowledge Dr. Rita Sadowski, who is a great and very talented plastic surgeon. Doctors and nurses, in an out of the hospital, have commented on what a great job she did on my reconstruction. I don’t really have anything to compare to it but know that it looks great. She spent a great deal of time with me and my husband explaining different options and answering all our questions. She was very knowledgeable and very caring, and really put me at ease. I would highly recommend her for all these reasons.

— Karen F – breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy

Ursula T

For years, Ursula suffered from pain in her breasts. She had implants placed many years ago , and initially ignored the symptoms. However, an investigation by her doctors showed that her implants had ruptured, and that she had thickened scar tissue around the breasts. She sought the assistance of many plastic surgeons, only to leave each doctor’s office feeling heartbroken that her concerns were not heard. Finally, she found Dr. Sadowski.

“The time you’ve given, the hearts you’ve touched, mine especially, the lives you’ve blessed — these are true fits from God. You are a gift from God. My surgery was a great blessing — no pain…, just a total healing from you. Thank you so much.”

— Ursula. T. – capsulectomy and removal of ruptured breast implants

Nancy H

Nancy had a diagnosis of breast cancer. She wanted the best treatment for her, and she shopped around.

“The doctors actually listened to me and offered a tailored approach to beat this cancer according to my needs. Each one explained in simple terms my diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plans. With a caring and confident manner, they put me at ease and offered a distinct plan of action to fight this battle.  They talked to me like I was a close family member and understood that it takes a team to conquer cancer. I didn’t feel alone… Since (I) met Dr. Rita Sadowski and (the rest of the breast center), I have enjoyed working as a team with all of these brilliant and compassionate professionals.”

— Nancy H. – reconstruction of breast after mastectomy

Judith T

Judith was doing great – she had undergone gastric bypass surgery, lost weight, and had recently completed body contouring surgery. Then she felt unwell, with fevers, chills and body pain. Suddenly, she found herself transported into Boston, in an intensive care unit, far away from her plastic surgeon and the rest of her care team. To make matters worse, it was Christmas, and she was terrified that no one would be available to help her. Dr. Sadowski came, and within a short time had addressed the problem.

“Thank you for being a Christmas miracle.”
— Judith T – body contouring surgery


Last summer, Ruth found herself in need. She had a melanoma removed from above her ankle. After eight unsuccessful procedures the doctor told her he’d done all that he could do, leaving her with a gaping wound. Soon afterwards, she was told, “You’re probably going to lose your foot from the knee down, possibly from the hip.” Despite the bad news she went out to celebrate her 92nd birthday that night and had a great evening with friends. Ruth was referred to a wonderful plastic surgeon, Dr. Rita Sadowski…

Fortunately, Dr. Sadowski said, “I think we can help you”. Ruth described her as lovely and wearing red shoes with 4 inch heels. All Ruth could think of was — “I’d like to wear those shoes.”

Ruth’s wound is healing now; she can bend her ankle and was proudly wearing black velvet shoes (the first time in over 6 months).

— Ruth C. – management of ankle wound

Ursula D

It is high time that I send you this note. I want you to know how much I appreciate not only your skills as a surgeon but also your kindness and thoughtfulness. You always made me feel very comfortable. Thank you!

— Ursula D – closure of leg wound